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Quality Assurance & Training

The quality of all equipment, materials, structures, and mechanisms is subject to strict regulations. Niagara Testing services guarantee that mistakes and defects are resolved from the start. We provide our clients quality assurance and various forms of personnel training, including: 

Training and Testing

Penetrant Inspection
 Magnetic Particle Inspection

Mission Assurance

Mission assurance readiness factory design and implementation for Missile Defense Agencies.  One of the owners was a lead facility and mission assurance system designer for one of the premier ballistic missile defense facilities in the United States.  Services include:

 Critical Product Handling Procedures
 Foreign Object and Debris (FOD) / Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) Planning
 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) control
 Discipline Auditing
 Tooling and Supplies Control
 Hardware Accountability
 System design and implementation


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