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Mining Equipment Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection

Niagara Testing, a company with over 20 employees, will assemble inspection teams of 2-5 personnel, to meet your repair/correction assessment needs and well as perform routine preventive maintenance during your site shut-down periods. We are experienced in mining work, all personnel carry MSHA 5000-23 annual certification cards, and will travel anywhere in North America. Our work consists of ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and dye penetrant inspection for ball mill gear seats, custom mining equipment and more.

We are more than happy to share example reports with you and provide references for any type of work shown within this website. We regularly work in mining repair shops and mines in the southwest USA and Alaska.

Key service supported at mine sites and large repair shops included: standard and phased array ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection (both dry and wet florescent methods), dye penetrant, certified weld inspection, visual inspection, thermography, and metallurgical analyses sample collection with laboratory evaluation (chemical composition, hardness, mechanical properties, and grain analysis).

SAG Mill Gear

Ball Mill Gear & SAG Mill Gear Inspection

  • Ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection for subsurface and surface cracks
  • 12′-40′ diameter, 12″-28″ gear teeth width, 300+ teeth
  • Detailed partial report shown on right Download Sample Report



Large Equipment and Drill Mast Inspection

  • Ultrasonic testing, certified weld inspection, and magnetic particle inspection of field repair welds to ensure weld integrity
  • Wide array of shovels, loaders, and haul trucks 
  • Full drill mast weld inspection Download Sample Report

Dipper Weld Repair

Specialized Mining Equipment

  • Ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant inspection, and magnetic particle inspection 
  • Special purpose equipment, lifting beams, dippers, turbine blade welds
  • Crusher mainframes, crusher heads and bowls, main shafts, rotor shafts for all motors, shovel buckets

Ball Mill Feed and Discharge

Mill Head Trunnion Thickness

  • Ultrasonic trunnion thickness testing 
  • Detailed grid pattern thickness mapping
  • Example of mapping data and statistics on right 

Trunnion Ultrasonic Report Content


Flotation Tank Thickness

  • Ultrasonic determination of wall thickness
  • Detailed grid pattern thickness mapping 
  • Can be performed while tanks are filled 

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