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Certified Weld Inspection Service

Niagara Testing offers our clients a wide range of Certified Weld Inspection (CWI) services and is a certified weld inspector.


Primary Areas of Service

  • Procedure and Performance Qualification Testing

  • Visual Inspection according to AWS, ASME, API 653.API 510.API 570

  • Weld Procedure Specification Writing

  • AWS Accredited Test Facility for AWS Certified Welder Program
 According to D1.5, D1.1
  • New York State Construction
  • Welder Certification Sequence of Events:
         ✔ Specification Discussion
         ✔ Plate Specifications
         ✔ Welding oversight and witnessing
         ✔ Weld Specimen Testing
                   ▸Mechanical bend test
                   ▸ X-Ray as required
         Certification Reports for Each Welder

Other Areas of Service

  • General construction, civil, and municipal Certified Weld Inspection (CWI)
         ✔ Bridge inspection
         ✔ Private & municipal construction for CWI work
         ✔ Large weldments for structures and equipment 

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